Albanian Airways Profile

  1. Albanian Airways in brief:

Albanian Airways has been established early 2017 in one of the biggest Balkan countries, in Albania. The carrier aims to capture a portion of the existing market out of the capital Tirana and link it with many destinations in Europe and Middle East.

The Carrier plans to expand beyond the point market capturing to include transiting passengers from across its network.

The main objective behind the establishment of Albanian Airways is to provide its passengers wherever they are with safety, high quality of services, competitive pricing and aircraft selection to substantiate the overall product attractiveness with convenient schedules across the planned network.


  1. Vision:

To be the first choice for all its passengers not only in Albania or Balkan countries but in the whole region as well; throughout offering very punctual and comfortable flights at an affordable cost for all its destinations.


  1. Mission:

To serving Albanian national interests by providing major economic and social benefits.

The Carrier’s Mission can be illustrated as follows:

* To offer Albanian passengers with safe, reliable and comfort home-based alternative.

* To promote Albania as an attractive tourist product in the region, Europe and Middle East.

* To represent Albania and Albanian national, heritage and hospitality abroad.

* To help the overall national economy grow and expand.

* To increase employment opportunities and support the local labor market.


Albanian Airways Fleet:


Albanian Airways will operate a fleet of two airplanes at the conclusion of the business plan period, consisting initially of two airplanes across the network.

Our airplanes are quite modern, provided with all necessary and high technology equipment.

The comfortable Economy Class sector provides a pleasant flying experience, and let our passengers relax to the latest movies on-demand, while lavishing in the true Albanian Airways hospitality that we are proud of.

Additionally, our passengers may relax in greater comfort on-board in our enhanced Business Class with seats that give extra space, on-demand entertainment and direct aisle access.

Our new and enhanced Business Class will make our passengers feel right at home in the Sky.


Albanian Airways Cares:

We, Albanian Airways, the national carrier of Albania, have been devoted to every community that we serve. Be it our employees, customers and suppliers, ours is a family that serves the world with a big heart, spreading joy and hope in our journey to conquer the skies.